Sunday Worship and youth education: 10 a.m.

UnityChurch ofMaui

Hawai'i The Beautiful

O beautiful for sunset skies, for fields of waving cane;  
  For verdant mountain valleys clothed in drifting veils of rain.
 Hawai'i Nei, Hawai'i Nei!  God Bless your beauties rare;
 And in His Hand e'er keep your land as pure as it is fair.
 O Beautiful for opal seas, that stretch to purpled deep;
 For blooming surf on shiny sands within the gleaming reefs.
 Hawai'i Nei, Hawai'i Nei!  God Bless your wondrous birth,
​ A meeting place for ev'ry race, a Paradise on earth.

"I Give Love Everywhere I go, and I Receive Love Everywhere I am"




We, Charles Fillmore and Myrtle Fillmore, husband and wife, hereby dedicate ourselves, our time, our money, all we have and all we expect to have, in the Spirit of Truth, and through it, to the Society of Silent Unity.

​It being understood and agreed that the said Spirit of Truth shall render unto us an equivalent for this dedication, in peace of mind, health of body, wisdom, understanding, love, life, and an abundant supply of all things necessary to meet every want with ought our making any of these things the object of our existence.

In the presence of the Conscious Mind of Christ Jesus, this 7th day of December A.D. 1892

There is only one presence and one power

in the universe and in my life, 

God the Good Omnipotence. 

Our Minister, Rev. Blaine Tinsley

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Unity ​Church of Maui

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